The First Spark

I’ve decided that writing this blog has to begin like any writing does; with a spark of inspiration.

I was originally inspired to start writing this blog by Tracy Hahn Burkett who I was introduced to through her recent post: This post explains the advantages of blog writing to any aspiring writers as it teaches you about re-drafting, meeting deadlines and, above all, taking criticism. Tracy herself is an inspiration to me because she is currently writing her first novel and for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to become a novelist myself.

So that was my spark of inspiration; but the spark alone isn’t enough to feed the flame (if we’d like to extend the metaphor). The second step can be harder than the first, as you ask yourself: what do I write about? I’d like to start by giving you a veritable pick & mix: thoughts, feelings and findings directly from me to you about writing, student life, the media and everything in between (with a few surprises thrown in).

My first topic surprised me and came very late in the day. I was taking the bus home from University when I saw a man who I recognised from TV. His name is Richard Leech and he’d featured on a BBC3 documentary film called: “My Brother The Islamist” The film had been made by his filmmaker brother Robb Leech, following his brother and trying to understand his decision to become involved with Islamic Extremism. For full details, follow the link to Robb’s blog: I have to confess I felt nervous when I saw him myself, as I remembered all the hatred that was lurking behind the façade of an average person. What are your thoughts/feelings about this? The unique selling point of this film was the revelation it gives viewers about exactly what extremists believe (from their own mouths) and the personal effect it has on the families of these individuals. If you can find the film online, I recommend it greatly.

So here ends my first blog entry. I intend to post every week on Fridays around afternoon/evening time. Comment and start debates please, but any offensive material or spam will be deleted.

I want an official sign off but sadly I’m still waiting for that particular spark to appear. I’ll keep you posted.